I'm designing skill upgrades to be modular and non-linear. They just slot right in there! Purchased upgrades can be viewed in-game to not make the skill description text a mess.

The port to 3.0 RC1 is going well!

Sorted the team shader and whole bunch of things! Looking almost like it was in 2.1.4.

Audio and a few other things are next to tackle!

My game uses a fair few tweens and they don't work because the property "pos" got changed to "position". A simple but slightly time-consuming fix hehe

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Notably in this picture I can see the tween function that animated the tiles isn't working and the shader needs re-writing. Those are the next jobs to fix!

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I'll be making a post documenting all the things I had to change, but I at least have something running! :D

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Today I'm putting Adventure Mode on hold and attempting to port from 2.1.4 to 3.0.

Wish me luck!

Yay! Time to do some coding! Gonna add the adventure mode to the main menu and add defeat and win conditions.

@Vallar Is that your own profile pic or the default one? ;D

This includes prioritising my to-do list for when I get back! I think I'll add the progression system for 0.5 BUT only have one class to begin with with more coming in 0.6

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I'm heading to an island this weekend so no coding! Today I'm sorting some things so I can holiday stress free! :D

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I recreated the chatting interface from a game called . Surprised how easy it was to get started with .


Phew not much time to work on recently! But the longer I'm away, the more productive I am when I get back :D

It is known.

Aaaaaaand now I'm making a pull request for the demo projects.

Sorry, game. Coding will have to wait until tomorrow! :) Miss yoooo

Some free time this morning. Do I work on my game or try out @godotengine 3.0 beta?


I've decided to just have 1 primary class that the player can upgrade. It feels more personal and focused.

Enemies will drop Gold which can be used to buy upgrades for their class, items or even mercenaries to pad out their team.

This system will be added in 0.6!

I'll keep 0.5 simple and just add a bare-bones Adventure Mode that can be added to as that's already a big enough job hehe.

Gotta be careful with scope creep in this update! :D

Awh forgot to push my changes from home. Hmm. Don't want to deal with future conflicts so just gonna do some planning and designing today when I have time.

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Hmm I'd like to have the player choose a party of 3 heroes.

That means on the first stage, the play will have 9 skills to get used to which doesn't feel great.

To avoid skill information overload, heroes start with 1 skill and unlock the rest of their skills within the first few stages.

I hope this helps the player get used to them without limiting them too much.

@tinyworlds @erawpalassalg @lertsenem @wumpf @SciFiGameDev @willnationsdev

Any suggestions to improve the icon would be welcome! It's a bit abstract but not sure how to convey it in a 32x32 icon ^_^

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