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Today I'm putting Adventure Mode on hold and attempting to port from 2.1.4 to 3.0.

Wish me luck!

Johnny @jaggy

I'll be making a post documenting all the things I had to change, but I at least have something running! :D

Notably in this picture I can see the tween function that animated the tiles isn't working and the shader needs re-writing. Those are the next jobs to fix!

My game uses a fair few tweens and they don't work because the property "pos" got changed to "position". A simple but slightly time-consuming fix hehe

Probably a five minute fix if you don't use the built-in find and replace. Use something with power But, yeah not fun if have to do it in each file separately.

@jaggy `find -name "*.gd" -o -name "*.tscn" -exec sed -i {} -e "s/pos[^a-z]/position/g" \;` or something similar might work.