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Oh man, Overgrowth makes cold blooded mammalian murder look so good, how can anyone blame @NRA when we are virtually training kids to be high flying serial rabbit pirates.

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Woah. On Ryzen 1600 it takes 50 minutes to build.

But the Unreal Engine4 Editor Is certainly usable on Debian Sid Linux.

Way better than having to use Visual Studio on Winblows.


ooo, someone's making an indie-game in BGE which technically isn't even supported anymore.

Took the default skin "Ramirez" from Fortnite and plugged her into the Libgdx game engine with Cel Shading.

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I've made some progress on my voxel RPG prototype, now the monsters are hostile and you can die. Fun things can start now ;)

I bought a left handed mech keyboard for gaming but I had been thinking a lot about @CasualEffects NanoJam math notation and although I'm unfamiliar with many esoteric langs, I think it would be fun to game jam with a limited subset of characters combined with 12 key mouse.

Hmm so looking at "web based game development"

Nothing seems to exist to allow people to do this without signing up.

Gdevelop comes pretty close but doesn't really seem to have any kind of export / share.

Also it's not super intuitive. A project had existed called but that was more or less a proof of concept.

This is kind of sad but hoping to fix this.

Having a separate "Editor" for moving assets is an unneeded abstraction imo.

Sweet; Libgdx compiled to GWT-HTML using manual java code instead of using Gradle.

I think being able to build things locally is important.

When Repo's are inaccessible for whatever reason everything breaks.

A simple "This file is missing, add it here" would be fine.

I still don't understand Gradle well after using it for years.

Now I want to add dynamic compilation for editing and running the engine in browser. (Python or Kotlin maybe)

iOS has some neat coding apps. low res coder is neat. A lot like pico emulator but they chose basic as the Lang unfortunately. Website also strange.

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I improved the upcoming TPS demo for by adding a camera shake effect and an animation + particles around the star at the center of the room. WDYT?

PS: Sorry for the sh*tty quality, I recorded this video on my middle-end laptop and the demo is still WIP, not completely optimized so my framerate is pretty low.

Woah, Ghost of a Tale is finally out DRM free.

This is one of the earliest games to succeed on kickstarter iirc. One dude mostly (an animator) using Unity and reviews look very good.

Not a big fan of Unity engine but this looks very promising and shows the shift towards anyone becoming a "developer" regardless of coding skills.

It is pretty striking that the Battle Royale video games have such awful graphics and poor optimizations.

Realm Royale actually is better optimized for lower spec PC than Fortnite.

It's not a surprise that a graphically minimal game is popular. It is just startling how little effort they put into low end hardware.

Fortnite and PUBG both have mobile versions as well..

New boneless animation in Fortnite looks like someone just messed up kinematics and decided it looked neat.

Idk if you know but u can make caps ctrl by saving

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Keyboard Layout]
"Scancode Map"=hex:00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,02,00,00,00,1d,00,3a,00,00,00,00,00

to .reg. Click. log out. log in

Bye :-)

I know what you're thinking... Jayhost you're using Windows 10... what are your parents and friends going to say when they find out?

Hey man I've repented for my sins and I will make it right again.

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Lol I'm terrible at this game but I just won sniper solo playing as "Solid Snake". Played safe the entire time. Only one kill, last guy ambushed me.

I ran around storm. I love this game. It's the perfect game. We can all stop making games now.

The gambling industry and academia are both getting behind Godot!

How cool is that?

~Once students start using Godot they're like

"Yeah, why would I use anything else"

Freedom and Elegance at it's finest.

Crap. It's been exactly 1 year since I made a parallax shader. Now I am sad. Thyroid has been a real bane. Time to make dietary changes and start kicking butt.

A ray tracing game jam might be fun.

Even this Brigade 3 (2014 )engine which seems to have been abandoned has bite.

The noise makes the game seem like something between Virtual Reality and a dream. Aesthetically provocative.

The way life feels so stable and yet there are pieces of the puzzle that just don't quite allow for full autonomy and free will.

I sure hope selling my soul gets a good return on investment.

~Areas of interest~

Deep Learning ✅

Video Games ✅

Design and Visualization:

Autonomous Robot Overlords ✅

Hmm for comparison

@unity3d neon fps tutorial vs @godotengine neon Fps.

Oh and Godot doesn't require buying anything off Asset Store.

Unity should just fork Godot and use Unity Splash Screen :P

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