Woah. On Ryzen 1600 it takes 50 minutes to build.

But the Unreal Engine4 Editor Is certainly usable on Debian Sid Linux.

Way better than having to use Visual Studio on Winblows.


@DarkMavrik hmm it shouldn't need it. I'll try installing antergos on backup computer and get back to you.

It's because their GitHub is only available to those who added their GitHub to epic games account, I downloaded the stable branch. Ran the and game or what ever then gotta notta

So I cloned from GitHub, failed on make, seems it's just not designed for anything but Ubuntu, they barely updated the clang to match Ubuntu

@DarkMavrik I''m wondering what error make is giving you.

Once logged into github you can download

tar -xf tar.gz

cd into folder


make -j 8

./Engine/Linux/UE4editor irrc

This way only needs 5gb download

You can run unreal with -opengl3 if your graphics doesn't support gl4.2

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