Oh man, Overgrowth makes cold blooded mammalian murder look so good, how can anyone blame @NRA when we are virtually training kids to be high flying serial rabbit pirates.

@jayhost Overgrowth is cool, and the NRA joke is funny, but akso...like...mebbe video games *are* a little too violent on average. Just gonna leave that thought here before I head home to murder a bunch of moblins


@michaelbartnett Oh yeah, this joke came about because the game makes me feel a bit uncomfortable.

I'm not sure if violence experienced vicariously through virtual avatars is offsetting the problem or contributes.

Also unsure if the game is intended to be self reflective but I keep getting the feeling that the protagonist is not actually the good guy.

@jayhost I don't know where I sit on that question (offsetting vs contributing).

I hadn't thought of that angle with being the bad guy in Overgrowth, it's interesting though since you def feel powerful playing it, and there's sort of a narrative tradition of "if you are OP, you might be a bad guy"

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