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That was super inspiring.

2 biggest takeaways:
A) Don’t be afraid of being vulnerable
B) Make accessibility a priority

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What is it with asset store plugins that undertake major refactoring between versions? It only serves to make me look elsewhere on new projects and does nothing to convince me you care about the experience of your users.

Seriously though, 2 days worth of resolving 1300+ files in P4 and I’ve still got 100+ errors due to renaming to fix even after resolving the problems from the integration.

*** grumble, grumble ***

Let’s see how well the Unity vulkan renderer works on Linux...

It feels like the vast majority of my job these days is to find ways to work around rendering bugs in Unity.

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This is one of the best demonstrations of how to setup an ECS that I have seen.

It also does a great job of showing why I believe adoption of is important for . This quote from early in the presentation describes it perfectly.

"Rust makes certain (bad) patterns more painful than others, which is a good thing!"

Sweet! This showed up today. Wasn't expecting it until later in the week.

Hello world, I'm Joel!

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