I wasn't going to participate in Game Makers Iceland's October game jam but I just had an idea I had to try out. >.<

I think I am on to something. Also, this game is 100% crunchfree and done between changing nappies on my newborn. Also 50% of it is developed with only one hand as the other one is busy holding my little beautiful girl.

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I'm guessing you can play it with one hand as well XD

I'm terrible at games, so I'd probably do worse with two hands and undivided attention ;w;

Two button controls? (E.g. one for each thruster)

@SciFiGameDev Sadly, it's a bit more than two button controls, but it can be played one handed with a keyboard at the very least. Not so sure about controllers.

There are 6 thrusters. One center thruster pointing back and another pointing forward. One on the left and another on the right for rotating, and then there are two side thrusters for "strafing".

I currently have a WASD + Q and E control layout which works quite fine one handed.

I sort of figured. Is it easier or harder than e.g. QWOP?

It seems like it would be fun because the controls have so many degrees of freedom.

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