People, I need your help! Recommend me a good min 3 player local multiplayer game that runs on Linux. I have a job where I spend couple of hours with kids (circa 12yr olds) a week and play video games with them (best job ever) but we've run out of ideas for games to play.

@johannesg #minetest with some mods can be pretty fun at any age actually ... (I run a server for my family for more than 4 years, and they still ask for it ;) )

megaglest and ZeroAD 0AD are RTS that you can spend hours in

SuperTuxKarts is great in local network too

@Olm_e I already have a minecraft server and we've been playing the hell out of it. Maybe a bit too much of Mine* for now. Megaglest and SuperTuxKart interests me though :D Thank you

@craigmaloney Thank you! We've been mostly playing Minecraft, Towerfall, Jamestown, Rocket League and more.

clonk rage?
open clonk?
It looks dated, but still can result in lot of hilarious fun, though I only tried clonk rage myself, so not entirely sure about open clonk.

@johannesg @akien I would love to help, but I don't play that many games nowadays. Maybe @Venn, @Unaccounted4, or @frojoe of Linux Game Cast could give a suggestion? #LGCcares

@johannesg Minetest (FOSS Minecraft clone) and SuperTuxKart. Unfortunately, a lot of what we have are turn based strategy that isn't quite what most kids are looking for these days. The rest are FPS games built on Cube engine from 10+ years ago. Maybe they'd like to create their own games and could maybe look into OHRRPGCE, Godot, etc. Get them exposed to Blender, GIMP, Krita, and etc. before high school and college ruin them on M$ Office and Adobe products.

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