I have a confession to make. My preferred tab indent width in text editors is 3.

2 is way too small, and 4 is a bit too wide. Am I the only one?

@johannesg Another 3-spacer here. Also means that for the vast majority of code, you can immediately see if they've used multiple actual spaces vs a single tab without needing to have a rendered whitespace glyphs.

I personally use 2 for SQL queries (and sometimes Python) and 4 for most other languages.

I sort of want to use 3 spaces for non-SQL, but I haven't gotten around to it (I might try it when I switch to Godot).

@lmn I am tempted to go for tab with width 2, followed by one space. But I am afraid that would push me towards chaotic evil.

@johannesg I personally use tab width 5 when I can, but I mostly code python with others, so...

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