What are some good and more open (and linux friendly) Amazon Kindle alternatives out there?

Oh nice, Kobo is still going strong? I remember seeing it mentioned as a good alternative several years ago. Good to hear that

@johannesg yeah, they're still about, the store is still alive. The devices aren't the fastest, but more than good enough. And Linux friendly, so...

@johannesg I'm about to buy a Kobo too thanks to the recommendations from @switchingsocial

It also put me onto Overdrive, through which you can borrow library books on your Kobo. Got a library card for the first time in 20 years yesterday for it.

@kezzbracey @johannesg @switchingsocial Don't buy a #Kobo, see the #Pocketbook before. They work under Linux, very great quality and are not oriented to big companies like Rakuten, Amazon or La Casa del Libro.

@Jordi_Tell @johannesg @switchingsocial Oh cool, I'd never heard of this one. Thanks! Gonna go check it out now.

@Jordi_Tell @johannesg @switchingsocial Oh, only available in Canada and the US. :(

Ah well, I'm kind of used to having to settle for the least worst option in Australia, it can be hard to get good tech here.

Thanks anyway, would have been nice!

@Jordi_Tell So I found a possible way to purchase the Aqua 2 from Australia, now I'm just trying to find more information about it. I wonder if you could tell me a bit about your device?

You mentioned it's Linux friendly - in what way? Is it running a version of Linux, and / or does it have native Linux software for book transfers etc?

What store(s) does it have on it out of the box, and which stores can you / do you buy from?

And do you know if it supports library lending through Overdrive?

@kezzbracey Hi! I need to investigate a little bit more about the impact of Lynux on it, but is open software and that’s very important for me. You can download 15 different kind of books and you can download them from any store. Finally, it works with Dropbox and its own Cloud to store your books, remembering the last page you read, so you can follow reading the same book from the last page you read it on other devices , such your cellular or tablet.

@kezzbracey I’ve just received my reader today, in a few days I will be able to explain you more things about it.

@Jordi_Tell That would be fantastic, thanks!

Open software is important to me too so this device is definitely something I'm strongly considering now.

@Jordi_Tell @kezzbracey @johannesg

Interesting, hadn't heard of them before, thanks. Especially nice that they use SD cards, so you can easily expand the storage.

The website is a bit confusiong though, it says the company is based in Switzerland but they only have sales listings for US and Canada?

@switchingsocial @Jordi_Tell @johannesg I had the same confusion, but you can go to and scroll a little way down to find a list of links to country specific sites.

@kezzbracey @switchingsocial @johannesg They are from Switzerland but they are trying to expand them worldwide. Did you found them in Amazon?

@switchingsocial @Jordi_Tell @kezzbracey PocketBook sounds really nice, but I can't really find any information on it being open source? Or did I misunderstand the conversation?

Also, probably hard to acquire in my country (no amazon here, and expensive to import stuff), so that might make it difficult. :/

@johannesg @switchingsocial @Jordi_Tell I'm trying to find out about the same thing but their site information is sparse. I saw something about it running a modified linux OS but I haven't yet found any extra information, like whether you have access to that system or not.

@switchingsocial @kezzbracey @johannesg Me too! But they give me the opportunity to try it comfortably at home to be sure about my purchase.

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