For around 12 years I have been taking these kind of photos for myself to use as my own desktop wallpapers. Now I've been wondering, others might enjoy this. Would you be interested if I shared this collection?

I should really toss these into a separate album of their own though, because it took way too long to just find them, and I'm certain I have way more.

right, I've found some more (though not the best examples) and tossed them into

@johannesg Hmm, I think there may be a case here for one of those pixelfed things - for exactly this sort of thing.

(I am interested whether I manage to get a pixelfed thing going or not.)

@Truck oh that is an interesting one. I am halfway through ready with a personal website for these things now though. Mirroring to pixelfed would be cool though.

Sadly, Mastodon seems to shrink the photos so that is not ideal. :(

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