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Jóhannes G. Þorsteinsson @johannesg@mastodon.gamedev.place

Vegg tournament at the monthly Game Makers Iceland meetup at Bryggjan, Reykjavík.


Slightly more sane scorescreen implemented in tonight. Indicates who won the last round with a white point. Also, Do I get a star for reusing assets to reduce development time? mastodon.gamedev.place/media/6

This was one of the first video game levels I ever designed and released online, 18 years ago. mastodon.gamedev.place/media/I

Join screen is a tiny bit too busy for my taste, but it's functionality is starting to come together quite well.


Making the join screen in slightly more intuitive for new players. Also, screenshake!


Reykjavík disappeared in a fog of war made out of fireworks. Good job Reykjavík. mastodon.gamedev.place/media/k

Please read me it's very short.txt

The readme file for my first ever creation, at the age of 12. mastodon.gamedev.place/media/Q

Bungie's Marathon and Halo (1 and 2) pretty much shaped my childhood and teens, and were the reason I went into . So it was only fitting to celebrate Halo's 16 year birthday yesterday with a classic 4vs4 capture the flag Halo 2 match on Blood Gulch, online via xlink kai on the original xbox.

It was glorious. mastodon.gamedev.place/media/K