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Going through old screenshots (this one is from 2010) on my hard drive and just found the best compliment I've ever gotten about anything I've ever made. (a minecraft creation on a public server in this case)

This brings back memories. Looking through some screenshots from my old unfinished game Aftermath (using the Marathon/Aleph One engine) which was started back in 2000.

Going through some of my old Marathon Infinity creations from back in the days. This level and crazy and over the top unbalanced weapons physics model is one of them.

This is what got me into

Changed some textures around in an old game of mine I'm updating for debugging reasons and I must say, I love the new look.

PSA: If any s are traveling around north iceland you are more than welcome to drop by and visit me at @kollafoss Game Farm for a cup of coffee and some gamedev chat.

Testing out the player sizes in a test level in Godot. Here you can see the player fitting inside a 0.5 unit wide gap, and under a ceiling 0.8 units from the floor.

Now that we have a level, what about the player? By looking into the Marathon physics model with the tool Shapefusion ( ) we get the following information about the player. First, we'll look at is the player size. 0.25 WU radius and 0.8 WU in height.

Texturing in Forge is quite nice as you could simply texture each face individually. Blender/Godot works differently though but I don't need to worry much about as Susannah had very minimal texturing needs. I do think Sprytile might be the key though.

What is Marathon you might ask? Marathon by Bungie (of Halo and Destiny fame) along with its tools was what got me into gamedev 20 years ago. You can download it and play for free from here

This will be a little thread on remaking my old Marathon scenario Susannah in . The first thing is the number 0.03125. This is how much you want to scale a marathon map in Blender after exporting it from Weland to get 1 unit in Blender to match 1 WU in Marathon

Very slowly remaking my first ever finished game (2009) Susannah in the (between changing diapers)

It's been a bit slow on the game development front for me lately as I've been busy getting to know my new CEO.

This is how and sheep farming looks like at 2 AM during lambing season. on right monitor and sheep surveillance camera on the left. 🎮

Slowly porting Vegg over to Godot 3 so don't expect any fancy gifs in the near future

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