to all game developers currently working on their ui: make your subtitles bigger. no, bigger. trust me, even bigger

Mastodon now allows for moving accounts between servers, which makes it quite tempting to move my account over to @neauoire 's amazing I already have a b&w avatar so I guess that's half the battle at least.

@photex Had never heard of her! But after some searching around online I am in love with her work. Thank you for the heads up!

@Truck oh that is an interesting one. I am halfway through ready with a personal website for these things now though. Mirroring to pixelfed would be cool though.

Sadly, Mastodon seems to shrink the photos so that is not ideal. :(

For around 12 years I have been taking these kind of photos for myself to use as my own desktop wallpapers. Now I've been wondering, others might enjoy this. Would you be interested if I shared this collection?

@neauoire This is the reason I don't rice my linux installation. It is a never ending rabbit hole I would never be able to get out of. I am team vanilla gnome!

The other day I ordered hundreds of cable ties off Ali Express and they arrived today. That is making me way too happy.


(This means there are approx. 6800 people in Iceland with faster internet than me!)

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