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Jóhannes G. Þorsteinsson @johannesg@mastodon.gamedev.place

These are the games that defined my early years and the first one essentially what brought me into thanks to its modding tools.

@UnsignedFoo That is true, using both for one project is probably not a good idea.

But sometimes people have more than project going on. ;)

As an old Halo fan it makes me so happy to have finally gotten Halo 1 and Halo 2 to work perfectly on Linux via Wine/PlayOnLinux.

Wallguns that trigger explosions when hitting other walls do allow for some really powerful but dangerous moves.

The world of just got a lot more dangerous.

@akien For some reasons I have almost more contacts in the Copenhagen gamedev scene than in the Icelandic scene. If you want I can check if anyone might be interested in meeting up with you and learning more about Godot.

Plenty of unity people around here at least.

Haven't posted much about my game recently. The reason being the core game is pretty much ready and I am currently working on all the boring but important parts. Like custom input mapping and such.

Testing out porting my first ever finished and released video game from to

Applications for Isolation Jam 2018 will go live today at 18:00 (That's 6 PM) over at kollafoss.farm.


I see a lot of posts where people say they "know nothing about shaders"

If a website (or book) were to appear out of thin air that wanted to teach you something about them, what would you be interested in learning?

I tried to see what it gives to reimport the YoFrankie! open assets inside #godotengine
it looks great with near no efforts! I'll use them probably for some thing...
#gamedev #openassets #blender #b3d