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Jóhannes G. Þorsteinsson @johannesg@mastodon.gamedev.place

2018 entry by Nothke. Polar bears are coming to Iceland via giant icebergs from Greenland and the north pole. Try to catch them with your helicopter and a fish and transport them to Greenland. nothke.itch.io/icebeargs

@relsqui Plenty of new sheep mothers every day over here. Mother's day every day. :)

@Helixaxis Less of a dream life as the lambing season goes on. I will look like a zombie in few weeks after non stop night shifts. ;)

Can't complain though. I love it.

This is how and sheep farming looks like at 2 AM during lambing season. on right monitor and sheep surveillance camera on the left. 🎮

It had more violent screenshakes but i had to tone them down a bit. I might bump them up later though. Gotta love screenshake

@groud I don't think I've seen that guide yet. Where can I find it? (I've mainly been using this for reference github.com/dploeger/godot-migr )

Slowly porting Vegg over to Godot 3 so don't expect any fancy gifs in the near future

This is how a match of looks like. A lot less "sit still and snipe" and a lot more movement thanks to latest gameplay adjustments (wall explosions). But still a bit of edge hugging which is understandable as the center is the most dangerous area. Will need to look into that

Things are starting to get quite tense now that wall-to-wall impacts are starting to work correctly in . Now the question is, what should happen when players "cross the streams"? Any ideas?

@StraToN Marathon 2 was released on Windows back in the days although something tells me the Windows users were too busy playing Quake during that time. ;)

@StraToN In order, Marathon 2: Durandal, Halo 1, StarCraft, and Marathon Resurrection (Marathon mod for Unreal Tournament '99) :)

These are the games that defined my early years and the first one essentially what brought me into thanks to its modding tools.

@UnsignedFoo That is true, using both for one project is probably not a good idea.

But sometimes people have more than project going on. ;)