We had a lot of diverse and sheeptastic games at . Who wants some point and click sheep adventure game by marmarbor and joonturbo ? I do! 🐏🐑👨🏡 joonturbo.itch.io/svartkolla

I just packed a suitcase full of board games and (OG) xbox games for . And now for a suitcase full of cables and controllers.


@karroffel @aras
I have a faint memory of there being a programming language out there in Icelandic. Now I am tempted to try to find it!

@nightblade9 I seem to be unable to launch it on Ubuntu 19.04 via the Itch.io app. Launching it directly from a file manager works fine though.

Itch.io gives me Exit code 0x1 (1) for (NoteKingdom.x86_64)"

Your periodic reminder that Gmail is constructing a wall around its users, slowly trapping them inside its walled garden. Escape out of it while you still can.

It like Slack and IRC again, but this time the attack is on the most popular federated communication system on the planet.

#email #DeleteGmail #WalledGarden

Today is the last day for signing up for the Isolation Jam 2019: Laxahvammur edition! Registrations will close tomorrow when we wake up and start looking at all the glorious applications!

Sign up before it's too late kollafoss.farm/isolationjam/

Here we go again! Applications for Isolation Jam 2019 are now open! This time, it's Isolation Jam: Laxahvammur edition! Read more about it here kollafoss.farm/isolationjam/

We will be going through the applications in the week 25th to 29th of March so we do recommend signing up before the 25th.

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