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As pointed out by chemikhazi @ twitter the Blender plugin BRM-UVTools might be the way to go regarding texturing Marathon maps in Blender.

On that note, If anyone knows of a good method or a plugin in Blender or Godot to independantly texture each face and be able to drag textures around (both tiled with other faces or independantly) like in Forge visual mode, then please do let me know.

Texturing in Forge is quite nice as you could simply texture each face individually. Blender/Godot works differently though but I don't need to worry much about as Susannah had very minimal texturing needs. I do think Sprytile might be the key though.

Do note that after you export a map from Weland and import into Blender you might need to flip some normals around so they will display correctly. Otherwise you'll get invisible walls.

WU stands for World Unit and is the unit of measurements in Marathon. It is noted in the Forge (Marathon map editor) manual that one WU accounts for about 2 meters in the real world. So if you like 1 blender unit = 1 meter, then scaling with 0.0625 might work better for you.

What is Marathon you might ask? Marathon by Bungie (of Halo and Destiny fame) along with its tools was what got me into gamedev 20 years ago. You can download it and play for free from here

This will be a little thread on remaking my old Marathon scenario Susannah in . The first thing is the number 0.03125. This is how much you want to scale a marathon map in Blender after exporting it from Weland to get 1 unit in Blender to match 1 WU in Marathon

tootverse help me. A year or more ago someone posted on Twitter a series of posts of a blender plugin that allowed you to easily individually texture each face of a low poly model with tiling textures and easily adjust them afterwards. Does anyone remember this?

Very slowly remaking my first ever finished game (2009) Susannah in the (between changing diapers)

It's been a bit slow on the game development front for me lately as I've been busy getting to know my new CEO.

2018 entry by Nothke. Polar bears are coming to Iceland via giant icebergs from Greenland and the north pole. Try to catch them with your helicopter and a fish and transport them to Greenland.

This is how and sheep farming looks like at 2 AM during lambing season. on right monitor and sheep surveillance camera on the left. 🎮

Slowly porting Vegg over to Godot 3 so don't expect any fancy gifs in the near future

This is how a match of looks like. A lot less "sit still and snipe" and a lot more movement thanks to latest gameplay adjustments (wall explosions). But still a bit of edge hugging which is understandable as the center is the most dangerous area. Will need to look into that

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