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I tried to see what it gives to reimport the YoFrankie! open assets inside #godotengine
it looks great with near no efforts! I'll use them probably for some thing...
#gamedev #openassets #blender #b3d

Kollafoss Game Farm is now on mastodon! Follow us here to get notified on the upcoming fifth anniversary of the legendary annual Isolation Game Jam

Great, I just saw bits of my rooftop flying away. Thanks storm.

Question for gamedevs out there that have shipped games through steam direct as individuals. Does the game developer name on steam have to be your own name or can you go wild?

I can't believe how easy it is to implement a pause screen in . I've been dreading it for weeks as I thought it was most likely very complex. But no. Essentially just one line of code.



Mind blown.

Any of you gamedevs here attending FOSDEM or GodotCon in Brussels this weekend? Would love to meet up!

Any gamedevs attending this weekend (the biggest European annual free and open source software meeting)?

I knew that plenty of Godot users will be there as we have a stand and invited largely, but I'd also be interested in meeting non-(yet ;))-Godot devs too :)

How I learn to write code: Write a lot of REALLY HORRIBLE code and keep writing it.

The irony of everyone working over a weekend to try and finish a game, but that's ok cos it's a Jam, always makes me chuckle.

So I did anything but. this weekend.

Slightly more sane scorescreen implemented in tonight. Indicates who won the last round with a white point. Also, Do I get a star for reusing assets to reduce development time?

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