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This is how and sheep farming looks like at 2 AM during lambing season. on right monitor and sheep surveillance camera on the left. 🎮

Slowly porting Vegg over to Godot 3 so don't expect any fancy gifs in the near future

This is how a match of looks like. A lot less "sit still and snipe" and a lot more movement thanks to latest gameplay adjustments (wall explosions). But still a bit of edge hugging which is understandable as the center is the most dangerous area. Will need to look into that

Things are starting to get quite tense now that wall-to-wall impacts are starting to work correctly in . Now the question is, what should happen when players "cross the streams"? Any ideas?

These are the games that defined my early years and the first one essentially what brought me into thanks to its modding tools.

As an old Halo fan it makes me so happy to have finally gotten Halo 1 and Halo 2 to work perfectly on Linux via Wine/PlayOnLinux.

Wallguns that trigger explosions when hitting other walls do allow for some really powerful but dangerous moves.

Haven't posted much about my game recently. The reason being the core game is pretty much ready and I am currently working on all the boring but important parts. Like custom input mapping and such.

Applications for Isolation Jam 2018 will go live today at 18:00 (That's 6 PM) over at

I see a lot of posts where people say they "know nothing about shaders"

If a website (or book) were to appear out of thin air that wanted to teach you something about them, what would you be interested in learning?

I tried to see what it gives to reimport the YoFrankie! open assets inside #godotengine
it looks great with near no efforts! I'll use them probably for some thing...
#gamedev #openassets #blender #b3d

Kollafoss Game Farm is now on mastodon! Follow us here to get notified on the upcoming fifth anniversary of the legendary annual Isolation Game Jam

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