Prominently Ontario/Canadian 80’s bands music mix complete, went off the rail to finish with Burning Down the House, because Talking Heads.


Blue Peter - Don’t walk past
Images in vogue - lust for love
Strange Advance - Worlds away
54-40 - Baby Ran
Platinum Blond - standing in the dark
Chalk circle - this mourning
Payolas - eyes of a stranger
Doug and the slugs - day by day
Spoons - Nova heart
Flock of seagulls - I ran
Smiths - how soon is now
Flesh for lulu - I go crazy
The dead milkmen - punk rock girl
The fixx - saved by zero
Tears for fears - pale shelter
Talking heads - burning down the house

@jos now I need to drag out some Flesh For Lulu

@voltur for good or for ill they are forever connected to Some Kind of Wonderful in my mind.

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