Really taken by Terry Cavanagh's [1] interest in Roblox, and his games and experiments there.

I'm so used to thinking in "unity3d", and kind of burned out on it, for personal/fun dev, that i need another outlet. Downloaded roblox studio, now have to start playing around in it.


@jos I haven't tried Roblox but I have a similar feeling about Unity after working with it exclusively for a decade. Started feeling like I was becoming too dependent on a proprietary for-profit engine and losing sight of the rest of the industry outside the Unity bubble.

@invicticide Yes. And the additional concerns of trying to keep a business running, and not having the time/bandwidth to learn-on-the-job a new(er)/different toolset. So easy to get stuck. We were late in leaving Flash, as a studio, and I don’t think unity’s situation is like that, but we are firmly “stuck” with unity. Old person voice “things are moving too fast!” ;)

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