Got the auto-translating chat "working" in game. I was thinking that each client would be responsible for the translating, but that would require everyone to have access to a translating service. I've centralized it on the server now, so "only" the host needs access to that service. Not sure how that is going to work "for real", but it is good enough for now. Good enough so i can move on to other things that i want to do more then this!

Have been working on a library (to help with sequencing events and actions) and one new thing to come out of it is doing a lot of auto-renaming of the game objects, to allow for easy visualizations/self-documentation _in the hierarchy_. This has been an unexpected plus. The different components update the name with the most relevant data, helping to get a quick overview from the hierarchy itself. Here is an example which is doing some AI/Movement stuff.

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