@AngryAnt yes, that is also my default shorter/distracted time window option. And trying to break tasks up into smaller portions so that what time I do have for “real” programming can be as productive as quickly as possible. And still fun! :)

@mibzman Being based on text files also gets easy processing by external tools. I run my blog (in as much as I have a blog anymore) from it, process UML diagrams (via an install of planttext.com ), etc etc. Sorry for pontificating, I’m a big fan of it.

@mibzman I was really taken by the idea of the search bar also creating a new document for you if you can’t find a document? Like you just start typing in the new document under the search bar. And no mouse required for most interactions. Have been a fan of text-files for a long time too. It also has wiki-like ability’s and lots of other handy bits.

@mibzman I tried Obsidian, but returned to nvAlt. It just didn’t add enough to make the change worth it, for me. Ymmv, my 2c, etc etc. (I am also a long time Notational Velocity/nvAlt user [at least to 2012], so keep that bias in mind)

@tagglink what or how do you develop such that it is easier to “load in” and work on your projects? I’m using Unity3d primarily, since it is also my work tool, and I’m most familiar and speediest with it.

@tagglink I would agree that scope can be, and is for me, an issue I battle with! As is over engineering things :) I am not sure that that is limited to any single programming language feature/design though.

A downside to programming for fun, for me, is that i need at least an hour or two to “load” the project into my head, to be able to do real work. Less then that and I am not able to make any “real” progress. It isn’t an easy drop-in hobby. For me anyway!

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The final submission!

Technically, everything I wanted is there - long "instrumental" flights across the ocean and landings for refuel + very arcade flying mechanics.

I enjoyed working on this little thing and probably will keep it as a 3d-testbed for macroquad.

Good jam!


Also its Saturday, the hashtag day :)

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@Arnam I come and go on mastodon kinda randomly, but sure, as long as you don't expect a quick, or any!, reply :)

@Arnam Hard for me to comment on such a specific issue, without more details. However, I *can* say making games is *hard*. Game architecture is *challenging*. You get better by doing more of it. So make the best decision you can *this time* and learn from it for next time. :)

@Arnam I mean, that sounds like a high-level description of almost any program, or an entity-component system :)

Which unity3d sort-of-is-if-you-squint-just-right (and has a "real" one now as well called DOTS).

@Arnam Are we successful? Sometimes? In some cases? We are getting *better* at it, that i know for sure. And it feels like we are better at handling changes later in projects then we used to be, because of this experience and learning. 2/2

@Arnam I don't think it is about game-engines, but about how you use them? So in Unity3d, the tool i have the most experience in, we aim to use more small classes with small APIs. To not have `if(otherclass.state)` outside of `otherclass`. We do have some global "god" classes, but have taken to using `partial class` to divide them into pseudo-classes, and try to make inter-class / cross-psuedo-class calls as few as possible. 1/2

@rostiger I admire your mushrooms -- i know way too little to feel safe in picking them! And so many berries!! Yummmmmmmmmmm.

TFW you have both imposter syndrome *and* think everyone else is an idiot.

@Arnam welllllll, that depends on your architecture, of how you split up what-does-what, and what-is-responsible-for-what... however, games generally[1] are one big ball of interrelated state and values.

[1] the trick, i think, is to try to reduce this as much as possible, while still delivering your game on time, and making it run well, and not a bug-fest. Hahaha! Games... <crying>

@mdhughes I have to admit that i read maybe the first 3 books way back when, and have only ever revisited the first a couple of times. The TV series from ... a decade ago? got into the 2nd book, but not the 3rd i think... i'd think it would be difficult to get a Dune Book 2 or 3 movie produced, with less action and more politics... folks want SciFi boom/shoot/bang! Or so the assumption goes.

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finally playing around with @neauoire's uxn. I've had this idea for a platformer kicking around, it might be fun to see if I can wrap my head around writing it in a stack machine.

(clearly my sprite-clearing code isn't working quite as expected)

@mdhughes what are your thoughts about the upcoming movie? I’ve been trying to not get my hopes up, and have failed. I am quite excited about the casting…

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