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Sorry there has not been an update for a couple weeks. The next step of integrating Dear ImGui would of been an easy thing to do.

I've cause to myself a flood of Self-Deprecating emotions reflecting back on my college experience a decade ago. I may be a bit yet before I get back to the swing of things.

P.S. I'll expire this post, and delete it later, when I'll get back to work on this.

One thing I'll miss in transitioning from Allegro 5.2 to Raylib 3.5 is a event queue of timestamped input events, and timers with regular frequencies not tied to the framerate.
Fortunately I don't think that'll be a issue with a leisurely paced single player puzzle game.

With the wonderful help from people at I finally achieved the first major milestone. Building Graphical Windows application with full debugging symbols and stepping through the lines with a proper debugger.

I often express to people (offline) my fond memories of the music in a puzzle game I played back in 1999 which was a key piece that led to my decision to grow up to become a video game maker.

One pice in particular was titled "Walkin' in the park" by "Rapture". Turns out that guy also composed music for another fondly remembered game "Mission in Snowdriftland"

As I was digging through my archives, to my surprise these old Windows exe I compiled back in 2005 still runs in WINE today. Apparently I wrote programs like they were BASIC or something LOL.

I'm still trying and failing to put together basic compiler tools to get started, mostly having difficulty getting debugger symbols to work at all. The last time I did proper programing on windows was in 2005~2006 and *nothing* is the same now.

The primary reason I have this mastodon account is so that I can show regular updates to the one person who cares.

I hope that I can finally complete this idea of a game that I've been floating around for a decade.

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