Fractal landscape - Mandelbrot as a height map.

Made by importing a Mandelbrot image as a height map and rendered in Avoyd's voxel editor.

Fractal casting shadows on itself

If you're interested in trying out Avoyd's voxel editor, we're releasing an update soon with
> better image as heightmap import
> improved performance
> voxel editor tools windows docking and external windows
> fixed Minecraft importer for new map formats (enkiMI code open sourced on


@juulcat looks like a LoTR voxel game I'd like to play

@lamnatos not quite what we're aiming for with Avoyd, unless you want those huge battles to be in 0g!

@juulcat oh I know, you're all about 6DOF fun and games! It's just that from that specific angle the image looked to me almost like the sea port in a fantasy setting :-)

@lamnatos ah good, I didn't want Avoyd to disappoint you! We might make a fantasy game in it one day, if we live long enough :-)

@pinkprius A few people have wished to play it in Minecraft but this world is in Avoyd, the voxel game I'm working on. You can import Minecraft maps into Avoyd but you can't export.

If you want to replicate this level in Avoyd, open the Voxel Editor from the main menu and import a greyscale image of a Mandelbrot as a height map using File > Import... > Image as Heightmap. Note the current version does not yet have the fancy shadows, that's coming soon in v0.7.

@juulcat @pinkprius Avoyd looks amazing! I'd love to play with it, but I'm on a Mac... now I didn't see it in the FAQ, but my apologies if this answer is somewhere on the site: Will there be a Mac version?

@tsturm Thank you!
It's PC only. I'll let @dougbinks explain why.
And I'll update the FAQ to clarify, thanks for your feedback!

@juulcat @tsturm Whilst we're in early development we're not porting to other platforms than PC to reduce our build and test effort. Although the code is cross platform Mac is probably not happening due to Apple deprecating OpenGL.

@dougbinks @juulcat Thanks for the explanation. I understand that you don't want to spend all your time cross-testing during dev.

I'll admire your game via toots for a while longer then. :)

@efi thank you, voxels make interesting landscapes. Note it's not made in Minecraft but in the voxel game I'm working on, Avoyd.

@juulcat you're making a game? tell me more, what's your framework? how do you store the data? I wanna know

@efi Yes :)

I'll let @dougbinks (the two of us work on Avoyd together) answer your questions

There's some info in our FAQ:

@efi @juulcat Yes it's a custom engine in C++ using an octree to store the data.

@efi @juulcat Feel free to ask any questions if you want - I'll try and answer :)

@dougbinks @juulcat cool <3
what will you use to store world data? a database? delta user modifications? anything custom?

@efi @juulcat The world data is stored in an octree, I have a series of posts about this on our devlog: though these are fairly old now, so the octree is much improved.

Octree data is streamed to clients and changes are then sent as modification messages. The core game code uses messages throughout so these are just propagated to/from clients and server.

@DialMforMara I'm going to post lots more when we release the next version of Avoyd which will have those fancy shadows in :)

@juulcat that looks cool and kinda makes me want to play with #Terragen again.

@ailurocrat I wouldn't know where to start 😅 I've made the website that lets you download Avoyd, the game you can make those pictures with though! :)

@efi the colours are resampled to greyscale before the height is taken. They aren't used to set the material parameters. We're considering adding this but haven't got round to doing it yet.

@juulcat maybe you can do it easierafter the mesh is created? idk

@efi it's actually quite simple to implement, just haven't had the time 😅

@juulcat Does it have the same effect with different colors?

@2en We turn the picture to greyscale to calculate the height

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