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Yo, YouTube for Android set my volume to max just for its ad. Mozilla installed an extension in Firefox without so much as a notification. It's fucked.

The slow boil with intrusive advertising has to stop, it's time to regulate. Blockers like me are part of the problem, I need to find ways to fight back. Where my pro-organized labour techies at?

#Mastodon v2.1.0 is finally released!

What's in it? Here's a scoop:

✅ Lists
✅ Profile redirect notes
✅ Moderator role
✅ Moderation audit log
✅ Invite system
🐘 Various fixes and improvements

"lowercase", "PascalCase", "camelCase", "snake_case", "SCREAMING_SNAKE_CASE", "kebab-case"

Oh, Disqus got acquired by a “create, maintain and monetize customers, using people-based, precision marketing to provide customers with enhanced multi-channel marketing solutions to help them manage the full customer life-cycle” company. Brilliant! /me goes and removes Disqus integration from the blog ;)

Context: Firefox auto-installed an add-on called "Looking Glass" without people's consent as a promotional campaign for Muse-Songs-As-A-TV-show called Mr. Robot

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Karl Marx: Well, uh, gee. Um. Yeah. That's tricky. But, uh, what if (after all the human workers were dead) even the ROBOTS rebelled?

Silicon Valley Venture Capitalists: Now there you have my IMMEDIATE attention. And I'm way ahead of you. That's why I set up this foundation to promote 'AI Safety' as the most important threat facing the invest, uh, all remaining humanity after our workers, uh, quietly retire to the wonderful post-work future the Market has prepared for them.

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I just want to say that as a programmer with no artistic ability, I _love_ seeing artists showing off here. Don't be afraid to post unfinished work, a little technique, or something useless that you intensely admire. We will admire it, too.

So if you only use profanity during the full moon, does that make you a swearwolf?

Exhaustion jokes 

Me, going to sleep at 3am: 4 hours is enough sleep for me.

My Brain: Nah, you should get 7 at least. I'll just wake you up at 10.

Me: Wait, no, I'll miss class if you do that!

My Brain: *turns of my alarm* Shh.... be healthy......

Me: *struggles to escape* No!

My Brain, holding me down to the bed: Be healthy, dammit!

Had plans for Saturday? Sports? A date? too bad because it Bug Hunting Day, and there's nothing more enjoyable than help us kill those evil critters ! …

48 hours, 15 documentation updates for . It's really pretty simple if you know the Git workflow. Loving it.

it'd be cool if there was a system where you could like, list CWs you always wanted to expand by default, and have a separate list of CWs you just wanted to block mention of entirely. i guess thats really just part of a better filtering system tbh

@mikeandtherest In a way though letting yourself loose sometimes can do wonders with productivity and fighting burnout.

I made a torso cup and pitcher! It's my first time doing ceramics, and the glaze came out really well 😊 I love how the red on the female torso made it look like musculature!
(Also I couldn't capture it really well but the green on the pitcher is a little more saturated irl)
#art #mastoart #sculpture #ceramics

Using AI to predict when the Bitcoin bubble will pop

Two massively overhyped speculative bubbles leveraged against each other. This approach should definitely work.

The site uses the 'bootstrap' design language, because of course it does.

Oh man, I love it when EFF gets philosophical: "DRM gets made over the course of years, by skilled engineers, at a cost of millions of dollars. It gets broken in days, by teenagers, with hobbyist equipment. That's not because the DRM-makers are stupid, it's because they're doing something stupid.”

(Also this is a terrifyingly good article:

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