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🇨🇦 Kyle Halladay @khalladay

Looks like NVidia hardware limits your uniform buffers to 64k ...hmm... that's a bummer.

I'm going to test it out - but does anyone have a good ballpark for the performance hit of using an SSBO vs a UBO in a shader on current desktop gpus?

@khalladay AMD pretty much does not care (it's more or less exactly the same in hardware). NVIDIA prefers constant buffers (aka UBOs) in most cases.

See developer.nvidia.com/content/h and developer.nvidia.com/content/u (constant=UBO, structured=SSBO)

@aras haha it's starting to make sense why the slide deck I found about "bind once" vulkan architecture comes from AMD (and is specifically about fast paths on GCN)

@aras those links were extremely helpful! Thanks :)