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๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฆ Kyle Halladay @khalladay

So uhhh... I may suddenly have a need for x64 assembly skills...

I've never done any assembly programming - what's the fastest learning path I can take?

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@khalladay Convert some small C functions to inline ASM, start with really simple ones and grow from there.

@khalladay disassemble really small programs and step through. Then write some inline bits and grow from there.

depends on what you're trying to solve i guess - is it float performance (avx2 etc) - or smth else? Looking at what the compiler does can give good insights.

@khalladay Mee too, I wish my company would allocate some time for me to do that.

@khalladay it is not a big learning step if you know x86

@bartwe if only I had the luxury of having ever done any assembly language programming before XD

Luckily the free "Reverse Engineering For Beginners" seems like a gentle enough introduction for me :)

@khalladay I've done a bunch of it, what do you need it for ?

@bartwe We've got some assembly code in house that might be of interest to my attempts at getting a memory tracking system online,

the problem is both that I don't read x64, and would eventually need to convert it to ARM64, (and then maintain it), so I'm mostly just looking to figure out how fast I can crash course into assembly and be useful with it.

@khalladay let me know if you need some pointers