I see a lot of posts where people say they "know nothing about shaders"

If a website (or book) were to appear out of thin air that wanted to teach you something about them, what would you be interested in learning?

@khalladay The single biggest "aha!" moment I had with shaders was seeing a debug breakdown of how each line of code affected a specific pixel in the final frame.

Needs a bit of context (how GPUs work, how rendering architectures are typically set up, etc.) but that seems to me like a great payoff.

Heh, maybe what I really want is just a really good PIX manual ;-)

@khalladay I am one of those people!! I would love to see a sort of example/exercise book where it compounds different techniques, but breaks down the methodology so you can apply them uniquely on your own.

@banditjoj ive been thinking more about your response :) is there a particular tech stack you'd want to see the examples in? i kinda want to stay away from Unity/Unreal/Godot to keep things more universal, but dont want to write an opengl tutorial either, since most people use an engine - would you consider reading a shader tutorial if it used something like openFrameworks or three.js to render with?

@khalladay to be honest, I'm not familiar with either of those, but if the concepts are universally applicable to any engine I'd read it!

@banditjoj cool - im really not looking to dive into anything except how shaders work. so im looking for the easiest way to get folks up and running with a mesh that they can run shaders on (that isnt just a full screen quad)

@khalladay ya know the part that bugs me is all that stuff the application needs to do before you can start doing anything interesting. So many books or discussions gloss over these parts. Like... How are you laying out data? If you wanted to do something like instance culling in a geometry shader or use the output of a fragment shader as a vertex buffer or you're surfacing implicits, and so on, in these cases what are some common designs tradeoffs for your application?

@khalladay so maybe that's not about shaders but just the plumbing that nobody likes to talk about haha.

@khalladay an old post I wrote still gets a high number of visits all the time so people seem to like it.

and there are several other great resources, render hell

and many more...
probably those people just need a link to many of the resources around :}

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