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🇨🇦 Kyle Halladay @khalladay

debating whether I want to just say screw it and use standard library threading for my next vulkan experiment, or actually give a shit and use Win32 threads / ditch the standard library altogether.

on the one hand, I don't really want to worry about containers / Win32 threads, all that jazz.

on the other hand... my hobby projects are all namespaced functions and POD structs...even using vector feels odd. not sure I can handle even more cognitive dissonance.

@khalladay there's always something like thread.h, single header wrapper style github.com/mattiasgustavsson/l

@_discovery I hadn't seen this before, and I now that I have, think this is exactly how I'm going to go (either this header, or a subsequent one). Thanks for the link!

@khalladay no worries, there's also ones for simple task job based systems and stuff as well iirc, somewhere around. I can't find the link atm

@khalladay... <spam> use mine, px_sched.h on github.com </spam> once on the side of tasks instead of manually working with threads there is no turn back 🤣