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๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฆ Kyle Halladay @khalladay@mastodon.gamedev.place

ah chicago. Winter cold finally let up, and we've now moved into thunderstorm season.

Wtf would a "Blockchain based gaming platform" even do?

@banditjoj Don't you mean "boop three snoots and you're oot" ? :D

@nich I had heard mixed things about the book, might have to give the movie a try.

@nich haha is this a ready player one reference? I feel like I'm a bad game developer, haven't read it or seen it (yet?) haha

glad you like the blog posts though :)

Making dds textures via command line utils like it's 2006 โ™ชโ™ซโ™ฌ

@MaDHaTTaH9 Having Unity experience was a big help with getting my first job (smaller studios tend to commonly use Unity). But if you're not looking for smaller studio / mobile, then Unreal might be better because it communicates that you know c++

of course, your own engine is also an option :)

@Gohla Interesting, so this would suggest that instead of using HOST_CACHED | HOST_VISIBLE for the matrix data, the better choice would have been HOST_VISIBLE | DEVICE_LOCAL

@pokepetter @jakob I think they were talking about that at GDC right? that Unity is going to release an incremental compiler that won't make you recompile the whole project for every script change?

@Gohla Or it could also just be another mistake I've made somewhere in the program that's making it look like a perf difference there XD

@Gohla It seems like perhaps that perf difference might be specific to NVidia cards (which have a lot of extra memory types hidden behind the scenes), since I think that according to the spec, the only HOST_CACHED or HOST_COHERENT memory types you can find are also HOST_VISIBLE

(as per: khronos.org/registry/vulkan/sp)

@Gohla I went with HOST_CACHED because then I could update the transform data directly on the mapped pointer, and then flush all the changes at once. I only needed write access to that pointer, so I *think* that HOST_VISIBLE is unnecessary (is that correct? that feels like an unfounded assumption I made)

I actually found that some cases performed better with HOST_VISIBLE | HOST_CACHED, while other cases performed better with HOST_CACHED. I'm not sure of the reasons for that yet.

@Gohla Totally agreed, my vertex buffer handling could be improved. For this test it didn't feel super important, because I wasn't going for raw performance, but rather, trying to see perf differences across different vertex shaders, so as long as the scene stayed constant, I was ok with the reduced performance.

Ideally I'd like to organize my data to avoid as many bind calls as possible.

@_discovery I hadn't seen this before, and I now that I have, think this is exactly how I'm going to go (either this header, or a subsequent one). Thanks for the link!

on the one hand, I don't really want to worry about containers / Win32 threads, all that jazz.

on the other hand... my hobby projects are all namespaced functions and POD structs...even using vector feels odd. not sure I can handle even more cognitive dissonance.