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Non sono necessariamente recensioni di retrogaming. Sono giochi che mi hanno incuriosito durante la mia vita. Avendo 40 primavere, c'è molta roba retro.

I Play 3D Soccer ce l'aveva un mio amico su Amiga. Potrei (1/4)

The waiting is over!! The Soccer Player Manager is back on !
We solved a lot of problems on and so now it's available for tester (you need to install apple app)
To have the remake just click here:

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Appena sfornato, @R37R34M@twitter.com ci regala , un che si ispira ai migliori classici 8 e 16 bit come Wizard of Wor e The Chaos Engine. Disponibile in versione Windows e retream.itch.io/blastaway

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Submarine shoot 'em ups aren't exactly commonplace, but In the Hunt is a total blast! This 1993 sub-aqua blaster by Irem features some of the most exquisite ever created, a hint at what Metal Slug would eventually look like.


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Commando is a run and gun, vertically scrolling Arcade game released in 1985. The Commodore 64 SID music is a more complex and extended version of the Arcade music, and was created in less than 12 hours by Rob Hubbard. An absolute classic.💕

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Man that looks cool. I’ve finally worked out all the bugs I introduced by adding support for dragging and dropping pieces. Next up is the “check” logic, and rolling back a move if it puts your king, or leaves your king in check.

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Gli amici di @CommodoreSpain@twitter.com riassumono tutti i pubblicati nell’anno in corso per macchine . E promettono di mantenere la lista aggiornata (e non è facile con tutto il movimento attuale!) twitter.com/CommodoreSpain/sta

Player Manager 2020, the new game is coming!
Spiritual successor of on by @Steve_Screech@twitter.com
We have a new telegram channel & group so you can download PM2016 & Aftertouch Soccer for free and early PM2020 beta (soon):

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