We had a real gameboy game made at 2019. Yes, you heard me right. And guess what, it has sheep!

Now go and help Woolball find his way back to his friends in Woolball's Backyard by Samuli Jääskeläinen & Sofi Kurtti


How about some hiking around a peaceful island photographing the surroundings? Try out Russell Sullivan's ( twitter.com/ahintoflime ) game 30 Pictures from 2019 ahintoflime.itch.io/30-picture

We had a lot of diverse and sheeptastic games at . Who wants some point and click sheep adventure game by marmarbor and joonturbo ? I do! 🐏🐑👨🏡 joonturbo.itch.io/svartkolla

Yes, we had multiple original xboxes hooked up at for some Halo 2 battles in the evenings.

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2019 has come to an end. It truly was an amazing experience this year with great games made. See you all next year!

Applications for Isolation Jam 2019 are still open, but only until Monday morning! Have you signed up yet? kollafoss.farm/isolationjam/

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Here we go again! Applications for Isolation Jam 2019 are now open! This time, it's Isolation Jam: Laxahvammur edition! Read more about it here kollafoss.farm/isolationjam/

We will be going through the applications in the week 25th to 29th of March so we do recommend signing up before the 25th.

Not really a game, but a little tech demo from 2018 by yours truly @johannesg experimenting with best ways to implement FPS split screen in the johannesg.itch.io/godot-split-

How about 20 questions but with toothpicks and infinite questions? Play Horatiu Roman's Toothpick Guesser from 2018. horatiuromantic.itch.io/toothp

We actually had three board games made at this year. This is Coffee Basketball by Nothke. Use a big, round bowl as a sort-of-a-halfpipe to launch coffee beans into 'goals' for each player.


Not really a fan of shooting sheep? Well, what about shooting pellet sized sheep out of your gun and see them grow and roam around in the nature afterwards? 2018 entry by TMM tmm2k.itch.io/sheepshot-gun

A realistic simulator on how it is to drive a car with a boat and sheep tied to it. Because why not?! 2018 entry by TMM. tmm2k.itch.io/fire-sheep

2018 entry by Nothke. Polar bears are coming to Iceland via giant icebergs from Greenland and the north pole. Try to catch them with your helicopter and a fish and transport them to Greenland. nothke.itch.io/icebeargs

Thank you all for an amazing fifth edition See you next year!

Photo by Nothke

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