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We were going to announce and even open registration on the 1st of March for the 2019 version of Isolation Jam. But a rather brutal flu managed to foil those plans. We are slowly getting back on our feet so keep an eye out on this page in the coming days.

Isolation Jam got featured on an episode of the icelandic TV show Landinn on national TV this evening. Segment starts approx 16 minutes in.

It's been a bit slow on the game development front for me lately as I've been busy getting to know my new CEO.

Not really a game, but a little tech demo from 2018 by yours truly @johannesg experimenting with best ways to implement FPS split screen in the

How about 20 questions but with toothpicks and infinite questions? Play Horatiu Roman's Toothpick Guesser from 2018.

We actually had three board games made at this year. This is Coffee Basketball by Nothke. Use a big, round bowl as a sort-of-a-halfpipe to launch coffee beans into 'goals' for each player.

Spell Reflect, made at Kollafoss during 2018 with just won Game Makers Iceland summer jam. Congratulations Benóný!

Not really a fan of shooting sheep? Well, what about shooting pellet sized sheep out of your gun and see them grow and roam around in the nature afterwards? 2018 entry by TMM

A realistic simulator on how it is to drive a car with a boat and sheep tied to it. Because why not?! 2018 entry by TMM.

2018 entry by Nothke. Polar bears are coming to Iceland via giant icebergs from Greenland and the north pole. Try to catch them with your helicopter and a fish and transport them to Greenland.

Thank you all for an amazing fifth edition See you next year!

Photo by Nothke

To those that signed up for the Isolation Jam. Today is the last day to pay and confirm your spot. If a spot is not confirmed it will be reassigned to someone in the waiting line.

If you have any problems regarding making a payment please do get in touch.

Currently going through the application list and preparing sending out e-mails to this years Isolation jammers. Mail will be going out this evening after dinner.

We are currently looking into increasing the capacity of the Isolation Jam slightly thanks to the great interest we've gotten. Because of that we will not be announcing today who the lucky game jammers are, but will be delaying the announcement until tomorrow hopefully.

This also means that if you haven't signed up already, you have a chance to do so today.

Keep an eye on your email inboxes tomorrow!

There seems to be some problems with our server hosting the Isolation Jam application form at the moment. Sorry about the inconvenience. :(

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