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Krasten is the personal gamedev project of @gc. I'm making this game as a hobby and plan on releasing it for free (hopefully with many updates to follow), but if you want to support my work, feel free to buy me a coffee. :3

It's been a pretty productive day of coding today! I've added a couple of new colour palette options for colourblind users (thanks to @xaphania for the help!) and revamped the options screen from the crowded mess it was before (first pic) to multiple options screens (second pic). ^^

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Is anyone here colourblind, or know someone who is? I'm working on some alternate palette options for @krasten, and it'd be really super helpful if I could get some feedback on the colour choices from colourblind folks (preferably all three main types).

Also in this version of the game you can jump out of a window on the FAC tower and probably badly injure yourself. If that isn't a selling point, I don't know what is.

okay so things aren't really at the point yet where I'm quite ready for another public pre-alpha release, but I fixed an absolute ton of bugs lately and I don't want people to judge my project too harshly by its older versions.

So if folks are curious:

There aren't many quests and such up right now (I'd hoped to get a lot more of them finished before my next release), but there's a bunch of other new features in place now. :3

I need to make sure the 2000th is a good one!

Just because "why not", I've added a second, alternative font to Krasten! They can be toggled back and forth at any point via the options screen.

They're both here to stay, but which do you guys like best? I can't decide which one I like more. :3

Still no terribly exciting new features to report yet, but I've just finished a massive overhaul of the saved game system that cuts down loading times of saved games from 5-10 seconds, to around 1 second or less.

I'm unreasonably proud. :3 Big thanks to @BeerFox for the help!

Among other things, today's project update includes taxis, which you can use to take a quick trip to a previously-explored, road-accessible area!

Adding a regional minimap to the destination selection menu was tricky, but I think it worked out really well. :3

Been working on some more coding on Krasten the last couple of days, but sadly, nothing much to report here -- it's mostly internal stuff, adding Lua scripting support, replacing some of the internal testing/debugging code with Lua scripts and so on. :3

Neat feature update of the day: as the player's sanity level gets lower, the minimap in the HUD becomes less and less useful.

Not a huge amount to report lately, but today I've added in some early code to support mouse input. It's still kinda experimental, but the long-term goal is to allow the game to be playable via either keyboard, gamepad or mouse (or any combination of the above). :3

New feature in today's AI updates: it's now possible for NPCs who hate each other (incompatible faction and alignment) to get into fights if one NPC threatens or insults the other.

Also, NPCs will sometimes join fights to aid their friends against mutual foes.

More work on the new starting zone and story quests today, along with some code improvements by necessity: quests can now have prerequisites, and -- for the sake of a target-practice room -- I've added the ability for a single room to spawn multiple NPCs/enemies at once.

Krasten is the personal gamedev project of @gc. I'm making this game as a hobby and plan on releasing it for free (hopefully with many updates to follow), but if you want to support my work, feel free to buy me a coffee. :3

Also, realized my pinned toot is incorrect: I copy-pasted it from Twitter and forgot to update the username. :3 So just gonna post an updated version to re-pin, apologies for the spam.

Workin' on the revamped starting zone today. This isn't actually the game itself, I just use Grid Cartographer 4 to build maps of the game world before converting it by hand into JSON data. :3

And just to kick off the activation of this new account, here's some Krasten stats so far:

Lines of C++ code: 27,035 (*not* including third-party libraries)
Lines of JSON data: 16,251
Most feared task: having to fix bugs in the combat system code...

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A brief summary of the rad #gamedev stuff I've been doing in Krasten lately:

* massively improved NPC AI, added sleep cycles and pathfinding
* NPCs can now fight each other (kinda buggy)
* started an overhaul of the game-start area including a main story quest
* many bug fixes

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Slept like crap and not nearly enough, again. x_x But I'm not gonna let that stop me today; I've got some RAD CODING to get done. :3

I've actually been making some really rad #gamedev progress lately, I just didn't want spam everyone about it too often. >.>

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In honour of my inability to sleep properly lately, I've been updating and improving the sleep system in my #gamedev project Krasten, including the addition of coffee and stimulant pills. :3

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