Just because "why not", I've added a second, alternative font to Krasten! They can be toggled back and forth at any point via the options screen.

They're both here to stay, but which do you guys like best? I can't decide which one I like more. :3

I like the serif version for the top right status menu, and the san serif version for the remainder of the text. (But that would entail extra programming DX)

@SciFiGameDev That's not a bad idea at all, actually. Now I'm tinkering with different font combinations out of curiosity. ^^

right one actually reads better (when it comes to "a" letter)

@sanctus Agreed; after some experimenting, I've made the sans-serif font the default now, with the serif used for certain UI elemenets. And an option to switch back for people who prefer the serif font, of course. :3

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