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More work on the new starting zone and story quests today, along with some code improvements by necessity: quests can now have prerequisites, and -- for the sake of a target-practice room -- I've added the ability for a single room to spawn multiple NPCs/enemies at once.

Krasten is the personal gamedev project of @gc. I'm making this game as a hobby and plan on releasing it for free (hopefully with many updates to follow), but if you want to support my work, feel free to buy me a coffee. :3

Also, realized my pinned toot is incorrect: I copy-pasted it from Twitter and forgot to update the username. :3 So just gonna post an updated version to re-pin, apologies for the spam.

Workin' on the revamped starting zone today. This isn't actually the game itself, I just use Grid Cartographer 4 to build maps of the game world before converting it by hand into JSON data. :3

And just to kick off the activation of this new account, here's some Krasten stats so far:

Lines of C++ code: 27,035 (*not* including third-party libraries)
Lines of JSON data: 16,251
Most feared task: having to fix bugs in the combat system code...

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A brief summary of the rad #gamedev stuff I've been doing in Krasten lately:

* massively improved NPC AI, added sleep cycles and pathfinding
* NPCs can now fight each other (kinda buggy)
* started an overhaul of the game-start area including a main story quest
* many bug fixes

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Slept like crap and not nearly enough, again. x_x But I'm not gonna let that stop me today; I've got some RAD CODING to get done. :3

I've actually been making some really rad #gamedev progress lately, I just didn't want spam everyone about it too often. >.>

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In honour of my inability to sleep properly lately, I've been updating and improving the sleep system in my #gamedev project Krasten, including the addition of coffee and stimulant pills. :3

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Instead of sleeping, I'm now nerding around, making the floppy disks on the title screen look more authentic. (Bear in mind, these aren't sprites, they're built out of an extended-ASCII tileset.)

First picture is the old screen, second picture is the improvements.

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I also fixed the floppy discs on the title screen, because they were the wrong way around (mirror-image) before today. Oops. >.>;

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Futzing around with #gamedev stuff again, and I decided it'd be super cool to add floppy disk sounds to the loading screen on Krasten. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. :3

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Working on some fairly boring code on Krasten right now (distance calculations, viewing NPCs in adjacent rooms), but it still feels good to be getting back into the #gamdev groove again. Once I've got some of this more boring stuff off my to-do list, I'll be able to get back onto the crazy, fun parts. :3

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Hokay, some news about my #gamedev project, Krasten: First of all, I've set up an IndieDB page for the project here:

Secondly, I've uploaded a pre-alpha preview version of the game to that site, if anyone is curious to try tinkering with it. :3

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