Lua running on a RPi 1 baremetal. Code loaded via serial, and serial used for output. I need to enable interrupts for the UART to be able to interact with the REPL...

I've been writing about baremetal programming with the Raspberry Pi boards here:

RALibretro is coming along fast! If you like games and and can write C/C++ code come write some code! Any help is appreciated.

Hey, friends. Anna and I are actively looking for contracts right now.

I do writing, game design, creative direction, and system development.

Anna does writing, editing, proofreading, and art direction.

Retoots appreciated!

rapidjson sucks so bad it prompted me to make some long needed changes to my own SAX based JSON parser

Reforged Studios is hiring! We have something super secretive and super cool in the works 😎

Right now we are looking for Gameplay and Tools Engineers as well as 3D Artists. Expect more job postings throughout the year!

Lots of fixes and improvements in ddlt. If you want to implement that toy DSL that's been bouncing inside your head, give it a try:

I want to be productive, but all I can do for now is test all dialog styles until I find the right combination that makes this weird bug go away

After just fixing compile and link errors, running the executable had a somewhat unexpected result: it worked.

I've fixed a lot of bugs and made a lot of additions to ddlt. It now supports BASIC and Pascal tokens, and has some facilities to configure which symbols and keywords are valid. Free-form block delimiters are also configurable now, as well as template open and close tags.

If you need to quickly write a transpiler, git it a go! I'd love to get some feedback.

I'm looking for a full-time job. 10+ years work experience in graphics, pathtracing (CPU/GPU), light baking, C++.. Would love something with a slant of R&D. Preferably locally in Gothenburg, but always open to interesting suggestions. DM or LinkedIn ( Since this is my first post here this might also serve as my introduction :)

Why no one ever told me about strspn and strcspn? >:-O

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