Downside of WFH - no AC and sitting next to big power hungry desktop GPU / space heater on a day when it is already hot enough as is

I've been implementing a few different generative models myself just to try and learn a little more about the space. There is definitely something magical about diffusion models. I mean, you are training a network to predict noise! And you can leverage that to generate coherent images! Remarkable really.

Keep trying to test out dalle-mini, but every time I do I get "too much traffic, please try again" - so of course when I actually do finally get a chance...

Everyone wants to talk about sentience, but I'd be pretty happy if my diffusion model would just generate some sane cat pictures.

Pretty sure I am gonna set a record for how many times I can deadlock my GPU today...

These Asahi #Linux #GPU driver progress blogposts are super interesting. A "mobile" tiling GPU sometimes works very differently from the conventional raster path I'm used to with desktop GPUs:
#gamedev #rendering #reverseengineering

So one of my cats is a little cooler / more distant to me, generally he prefers my wife.
But for some reason when I am gargling with mouthwash it just activates him, like a switch goes off and he's like "oh it's love and affection time with human #2"

So, I can special case per compiler I care about, or go through a bunch of code (that I didn't write) manually deconstructing a bunch (hundreds) of offsetof uses to make all the compilers happy. Either way, annoying

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Specifically, doing offsetof(foo, bar[i].baz[j]) works on *most* compilers I care about - but a few barf on that (not compile-time constant). Ok, so roll your own - but then you get compilers barfing about null dereferences, or complaining about static_asserts (where appropriate)

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Sometimes a seemingly innocuous offsetof(...) use can turn into quite the headache it seems

So. Mastodon. Guess I'll try it out. I don't expect I'll "toot" much, always have been a quiet one - but I'll put it out there that if anyone has questions about Vulkan I am happy to try and help.

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