them: So why aren't you on twitter anymore you odd dork?
me: I'm on mastodon now
them: ok?
me: It's part of the fediverse?
them: That supposed to mean anything?
me: It's a federation of services implementing the ActivityPub protocol?
them: Never heard of it.
me: It's a W3C recommended standard?
them: Hold the phone. *The* W3C that standardized HTML, CSS and Javascript for Webbrowsers?
me: The very same.
them: Elon will give us the edit button tho


thank you, as a big W3C fan I really enjoyed this toot.

W3C ??? 😂


@Marguerite at this point the W3C should be known as well as the UN


I am truly amazed it is not. Incredible. I mean, we have internet for how many decades now??

#W3C ---> is so important for all online matters!!!

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