hot take: "please wait" UI should pivot from spinning loops to spinning spirals. loops are spiritually dishonest. we never enter the exact same moment twice.

but maybe spirals are too attractive for UI. maybe loops are better because then the mind is quickly like "oh ok, i've seen that one before, there's no new information" - with a spiral that takes longer. then again, you're waiting anyway soooo

maybe at the end of this road, we'll be at a point where users have experiences like "oh no, the waiting is over, i was really enjoying that caleidoscopically spinning beach ball that contained multitudes of worlds, guess i have to fill out this digital tax form now huh"

@lritter this is how I felt about the “not connected to the internet” dinosaur game in Chrome. Until I switched to Firefox.

@lritter we should play a warm crunchy noise so the user knows that the computer is hard at work doing computer stuff. kind of like how electric cars play a fake engine noise

@aeva @lritter or just follow the old tradition and use elevator music.

@aeva @lritter Imagine it as one of those videogame procedural soundtracks. Each unit of the CPU adds a music element when it spins up. Scalar instructions add the base, SIMD adds the melody, cache misses add some scratchy sounds...

@lritter counter: it is at the same point- but it is at a different time.

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