really not a fan of lawyers using invalid questioning merely to dress up monologue and plant ideas into the jury's minds.


"do you have any knowledge as to whether mister depp is a big stupid poopyhead?"
-- "i - i couldn't say"

imo each jury member should get a red button like on american idol, and when more than half of them push it, a trapdoor opens right below the enquiring lawyer

but a more practical solution could be for the witness to read the catalogue of questions beforehand and strike out all questions they will or can not answer.

@lritter it can backfire, if somebody gets the impression that the lawyers tactics are manipulative the leap will be quickly made that the client approved this approach.

@lritter it's a gamble, a jury member unfamiliar with the importance of client attorney privilege could just assume the answers and think not answering is responsible for wasting time.

@lritter I'm rather skeptical of jury trials, the average person (incl. me) comes with a whole lot of biases and erroneous preconceptions and the idea of balancing that out by selecting jurors is just another game that doesn't reflect justice.

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