in my quest to figure out how to fix my machined white bread, i underdid it with a 40% water mix (200g water to 500g flour). the crust got very hard, the yeast didn't rise in time, but it's still edible.

next i'm going to try 70% water and a higher browning level. maybe it's just heat that was missing, as wetter bread got a bit rubbery inside.

@lritter If you're taking bets, I bet 70% will over-saturate the flour. What that means for the eventual bread, though, I dunno.

My logic: I go 320g water to 500g flour (64%), kneading by hand, and find the consistency feels about right just before I've used the full 320g. 🍞

@miblo i use the french bread program, and french bread recipes do 70%. instructing the machine to bake it longer should help. if that alone isn't enough, i'll also tell it there's more dough in the machine.


@miblo but 320g is also new for me. will try that one first.

@lritter Oh 'eck! *feels the responsibility* 😰

I do also use 40g of oil (rapeseed), but apparently they don't go in for that with French bread? That'll probably affect things too somehow, if you're not using oil.

It's this recipe:

(Getting my excuses in early if the 320g water doesn't cut the mustard…)

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