in my quest to figure out how to fix my machined white bread, i underdid it with a 40% water mix (200g water to 500g flour). the crust got very hard, the yeast didn't rise in time, but it's still edible.

next i'm going to try 70% water and a higher browning level. maybe it's just heat that was missing, as wetter bread got a bit rubbery inside.

ok, 350g water to 500g flour and a higher browning level didn't improve on the rubberiness, but the rising was better. a big air bubble formed below the breads top (i should have made a cut here).

next time i'll also try the 1000g bread program to give it 10 more minutes.


did the 320g water mix today, with the 10 more minutes and i like the results. much browner crust, but insides are still a bit rubbery.

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