vscode is a little weird lately

but i've also seen these errors in the browser lately so maybe my GPU is dying...

@lritter It's not the gpu that's hot, the code itself is melting

@lritter Is that really showing an operating range of 0K to 94C? 🤣

@KeefJudge this GPU runs in space and can also heat up your tea while operating perfectly

@lritter I've seen stuff like this in Blink randomly where it wouldn't happen in Webkit. I think it's something in Blink that sometimes just wonks out

@lritter most notably it happened a lot when I played super auto pets in Chrome a few months ago. Something in it triggered it for my setup specifically, and I was never able to figure out what happened this is what i imagine when the role-play character sees text they can't comprehend.

@logan @lritter That is Cthulucode! Stop now while you still have your sanity!

@lritter Congratz on unlocking the ability to do 90s hacker GFX IRL :D

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