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Lime Scooters: Move fast and break bones

<<Lime has admitted that a glitch is causing an unknown number of e-scooters in its New Zealand fleet to randomly brake mid-ride, sending passengers flying.

It happened to Auckland's Chris St Bruno, whose resulting "excruciating" injuries required three days in hospital and 10 weeks off work. >>

<<" We are currently examining whether a software update could be causing a reboot during the ride." >>

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Ever wondered why computer games like Simcity and Cities Skylines will selfdestruct the towns if you raise taxes?

Here's a long read about the right wing economic theories that laid the foundation for Simcity when a logic was needed during its creation and then continues to influence game makers (and policy makers) today

(from Logic Magazine)

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Dear every program ever:

If you are going to use a fixed color for the background of the window, please also use a fixed color for the text, and not the system color.

You are very much liable to make your program unreadable for some people, until they go out of their way to change their theme.

And that is crap.

I forgot I wrote a whole large macro for an ECS setup just so I could avoid having to add two extra lines per entity part. Macros in Rust are nice but that was overkill.

Me: I wonder if I can improve that ECS I wrote.
My brain: Remove that macro you wrote because you were trying to be maximum lazy, make everything longer and more complex, and also slower.


I wonder how deep my vim undo buffer is.

> // Lets create an empty array
> let z = [ ]
> // Is it equal to an empty string?
> z == ''
> // No really is it equal?
> z === ''


It just finished raining and the meat sponge is lying in the soggy grass

Washed the boy in a flexi bucket then dressed him in a cool onesie.
Unicorns and rainbows ain't just for girls, dinosaurs and trucks ain't just for boys.
The postie plus selection is garbage.

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you: capitalism will destroy the planet because the only incentive corporations have is making money

bitcoin: I think we can optimize this and remove a few steps

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just realised/noticed that has

- no trackers and/or analytics scripts
- prominently displayed links to RSS/Atom feed
- licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 Generic (CC BY-NC 2.5) license

👍🏾 good stuff

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This is a super cool project and a testament to Rust’s versatility.

> rusty-clock: An alarm clock this is programed in bare metal rust (no OS). It features pressure, temperature, humidity, monophonic alarm on a e-paper display.


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