> // Lets create an empty array
> let z = [ ]
> // Is it equal to an empty string?
> z == ''
> // No really is it equal?
> z === ''


An ancient scripture of intrigue and wonderous imagination.

It just finished raining and the meat sponge is lying in the soggy grass

Washed the boy in a flexi bucket then dressed him in a cool onesie.
Unicorns and rainbows ain't just for girls, dinosaurs and trucks ain't just for boys.
The postie plus selection is garbage.

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you: capitalism will destroy the planet because the only incentive corporations have is making money

bitcoin: I think we can optimize this and remove a few steps

Playing Doom on what is basically paper and ink?

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just realised/noticed that xkcd.com has

- no trackers and/or analytics scripts
- prominently displayed links to RSS/Atom feed
- licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 Generic (CC BY-NC 2.5) license

👍🏾 good stuff

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This is a super cool project and a testament to Rust’s versatility.

> rusty-clock: An alarm clock this is programed in bare metal rust (no OS). It features pressure, temperature, humidity, monophonic alarm on a e-paper display.


#rust mastodon.social/media/YOwW3OWR

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Oh yeah, the little engineer-to-be managed to nuke gnome.
Who needs unit-testing when you've got baby-testing. t.co/OCqXCixpDR

"Wait, you mean javascript let's you stick a string inside an int array and it doesn't complain?"

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