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Since I also posted this on my birdsite account: this is the product of a small Construct 2 course I attended to. Nothing serious nor commercial. In case you guys wish to take a look...

Also, only chapter 1 is translated, so bear with us.

So, we're trying to translate the Common Lisp Cookbook to Brazilian Portuguese. We accept criticism:
(The SSL certificate error is due to GitHub being naughty. We expect to solve that soon.)

Well, now that I joined a brazillian community, I should probably get back to developing stuff on it...

Imagine ClojureScript running atop pure WebAssembly... 🤔
Well, a man can dream, right?

Woah, I met and talked to so many interesting people in the last two weeks, I don't even

My grandparents' house is a fantastic place where the coffee is always warm.

My dearest fellow Rustaceans looking for some WASM fun with Rust:

Run away from emsdk, if you don't want any headaches.

I wonder about what I should do for my very basic collision system for a blockbreaker clone. Should I kind of queue all collisions and calculate a resulting vector or should I handle a single one and ignore the rest? Hmmm.

It's settled: tonight, I become a better version of myself.

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Getting ready for . Let's hope everything goes smoothly!

I tend to worry too much about people who actually are better than me at being happy.

Okay, back to business. Gonna take my time washing some dishes and listening to podcasts, then I'm just gonna go back to that kernel thing. I want it up and running before Rust Roadshow in the end of the week.

I need a bigger strength of will to finish all these projects I've been dragging with me =.=

Writing a kernel since yesterday, by using this awesome guide
Using + + to debug. Everything was set up by using an Emacs Lisp function which spawns a qemu process and spawns gdb already connected to qemu, while also loading kernel symbols.

with seems good so far. Managed to get a very hack-y animation playing. Now I just need to polish it and make an actually good animation system (please don't mind my crappy code).
I should probably update that animation as well, but I want to build a small 2D platformer engine before actually taking my drawing tablet out of retirement.

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