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Just released my Lisp Game Jam 2018 entry. Check out Orbit Defense Strikeforce on itch.:

New blog post about that ann thing I was building (unfortunately, this blog is only for Portuguese-speakers).

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Currently trying to port an old and dirty C++ implementation of an artificial neural network to . And also testing what effect a clear theme + no syntax highlighting has on me.

Haven't had time to do anything lately... I'm so busy with many things, and my personal projects suffer the consequence.

I feel like I could take a million-years nap right now.

Well, it seems that Mastodon works well with Emacs...

What the heck, those SICP lectures really have a big amount of magic on their meaning. It's making me think for hours.

To anybody there with more than one Mastodon account, specially in different federations: is it worthy? Do you think it's good to compartmentalize your toots by subject?

I think I'm finally freeing myself from birdsite. It suddenly feels like I don't need it.

Just updated my portfolio. It might look more professional now. Take a look:

Just released my Lisp Game Jam 2018 entry. Check out Orbit Defense Strikeforce on itch.:

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Over the last two days I worked on a few single-header, cache-friendly and dependency-less data structures in C++.

So far this repository contains
- hashmap
- hashset
- memorypool

Each of those types doesn't do any dynamic memory management. All the memory that they operate on is user supplied.

The hashmap and hashset also don't perform any hashing, the caller has to provide the hashes instead.

It's decently documented 😋

Maybe this can be of use to someone :)

Windows gives me headaches even when I'm not using Windows, urrgh.

Getting ready to Lisp Game Jam. Just need to write this little test so I can get ready to program my own idea.

So now the Knuth books are the ones I'll spend an eternity wanting physical copies, huh...

Forget about that old screenshot I posted. Here is a full of my Void to make it look a lot like .

Brazilian podcast on infosec. I recommend it:

Segurança Legal: Episódio #148 – Cambridge Analytica

You're a unix-like user and never used `man`? Plan 9 will correct that, specially because it doesn't care a single bit about you being unable to duckduckgo your question.

Now I can properly say: Plan 9 is an operational system for turning the act of reading the f***ing manual into a habit.