Why the heck is it so much more satisfactory to study something on your own rhythm, instead of following a strict plan?

This will probably trigger a bunch of people, but I don't like Lennon nor Beatles, with exception of a few songs (of the band, not of Lennon's solo carreer).

Heard some celebrities were singing Imagine to show support to the whole COVID-19 situation, but I don't get the appeal.

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Ἔσῃ ποτὲ ἆρα, ὦ ψυχή, ἀγαθὴ καὶ ἁπλῆ καὶ μία καὶ γυμνή, φανερωτέρα τοῦ περικειμένου σοι σώματος; γεύσῃ ποτὲ ἆρα τῆς φιλητικῆς καὶ στερκτικῆς διαθέσεως; ἔσῃ ποτὲ ἆρα πλήρης καὶ ἀνενδεὴς καὶ οὐδὲν ἐπιποθοῦσα οὐδὲ ἐπιθυμοῦσα οὐδενὸς οὔτε ἐμψύχου οὔτε ἀψύχου πρὸς ἡδονῶν ἀπολαύσεις; οὐδὲ χρόνου, ἐν ᾧ ἐπὶ μακρότερον ἀπολαύσεις; οὐδὲ τόπου ἢ χώρας ἢ ἀέρων εὐκρασίας; οὐδὲ ἀνθρώπων εὐαρμοστίας; ἀλλὰ ἀρκεσθήσῃ τῇ παρούσῃ καταστάσει καὶ ἡσθήσῃ τοῖς παροῦσι πᾶσι καὶ συμπείσεις σεαυτὴν ὅτι πάντα σοι παρὰ τῶν θεῶν πάρεστι, πάντα σοι εὖ ἔχει καὶ εὖ ἕξει, ὅσα φίλον αὐτοῖς καὶ ὅσα μέλλουσι δώσειν ἐπὶ σωτηρίᾳ τοῦ τελείου ζῴου, τοῦ ἀγαθοῦ καὶ δικαίου καὶ καλοῦ καὶ γεννῶντος πάντα καὶ συνέχοντος καὶ περιέχοντος καὶ περιλαμβάνοντος διαλυόμενα εἰς γένεσιν ἑτέρων ὁμοίων; ἔσῃ ποτὲ ἆρα τοιαύτη, οἵα θεοῖς τε καὶ ἀνθρώποις οὕτως συμπολιτεύεσθαι ὡς μήτε μέμφεσθαί τι αὐτοῖς μήτε καταγινώσκεσθαι ὑπ̓ αὐτῶν;

My soul, will you ever be good, simple, individual, bare, brighter than the body that covers you? Will you ever taste the disposition to love and affection? Will you ever be complete and free of need, missing nothing, desiring nothing live or lifeless for the enjoyment of pleasure? Or time for longer enjoyment, or amenity of place, space, and climate? Or good company? No, will you not rather be satisfied with your present state and take pleasure in all that is presently yours? Will you not convince yourself that all your experience comes from the gods, that all is well and all will be well for you, all that the gods see fit to give you, now and hereafter, in the maintenance of that perfect Being which is good and just and beautiful, which generates all things, sustains and contains all things, embraces all things as they dissolve into the generation of others like them? Will you ever be such as to share the society of gods and men without any criticism of them or condemnation by them?

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, Book X

#Greek #Philosophy

Impressive how a pandemic was able to make me use Emacs as Window Manager so I could type notes while studying and browsing the web at the same time

So... Schools suspending classes in my town already. Two kids already suspicious of COVID-19.

If that happens to college, then I guess I'll finally have time to read Spinoza and a few papers...?

So many problems appearing in front of me right now, and they're not even my fault.
If I make it through this week, I can definitely do anything I want in my life.

I'm sorry, I can't help but dislike Akame ga Kill.

I can't stand seeing WordPress in front of me anymore

There's also a book I ordered which talks about enactivism, more related to my research topics on college, but I must be careful not to start reading when it arrives. I still have some papers to read in parallel with the other books.

And then... Maybe some Wittgenstein and Kant.

Current read list progress:

- DC's Kingdom Come (done)
- Dear and Glorious Physician (story of Saint Luke) (done)
- The Ghost in the Shell 1.5 (in progress)
- Serrano do Pilão Arcado
- Three books of writings on philosophy of the mind

And I thought I could only read tech stuff.

Here's a fact about helping people with programming.

Without spoonfeeding: person learns to acquire proper knowledge, and you'll seem like a mofo who doesn't want to help.

With spoonfeeding: person walks away satisfied but learns nothing, and will annoy you again eventually.

Sometimes it seems like people mistake me for a very extroverted person...

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The year is 2025

There are five browser cores:
- webkit
- chromium
- gecko
- servo
- youtube-dl, which ended up implementing a full-fledged browser in python to keep successfully downloading videos

Today I'm resuming my nand2tetris exercises which I stopped a few... months ago. Fortunately I'm still excited about this book.

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Why do I think every programmer should try Plan 9, use it for a while, and strive to understand the design decisions which went into it?

It's not because I think it'll become your daily driver. Humanity has almost certainly missed the boat for Plan 9. No, I think you should use Plan 9 because the ideas are important and they will frame your thinking for the future. The simple fact is that programmers who understand Plan 9 are better programmers than those who do not.

In being different from mainstream operating systems in important and subtle ways, Plan 9 draws your attention to these things. It causes you to question the things you take for granted in your operating system. Modern Unix systems are so samey that, even to programmers who have used several - Linux, BSD, macOS, Haiku, etc - many of their ideas can seem invariant. In truth they are not, they are design decisions that were once made and they could have been made differently. Maybe some of them ought to have been.

Plan 9 is a light under which the truth of the operating system you're using today becomes apparent.

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This looks like a cool project.

"The Open Book aims to be a simple device that anyone with a soldering iron can build for themselves. The Open Book should be comprehensible: the reader should be able to look at it and understand, at least in broad strokes, how it works. It should be extensible, so that a reader with different needs can write code and add accessories that make the book work for them."


#TheOpenBook #OddlySpecific #Arduino

I should have started SICP's exercises before, they are very interesting. If only programming classes were like that in my uni...

Wow, Lakka is such an amazing gaming distro for RPi. Retroarch is kinda clunky and it's hard to find some options sometimes, but works so well.

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