Here's a fact about helping people with programming.

Without spoonfeeding: person learns to acquire proper knowledge, and you'll seem like a mofo who doesn't want to help.

With spoonfeeding: person walks away satisfied but learns nothing, and will annoy you again eventually.

@luksamuk Is the problem here really spoon-feeding or simply the dishonesty about the interest to help the person in question?

Teaching and learning are complex topics. Claiming people can't learn from spoon-feeding is drastic oversimplification.

But being knowledgeable about a subject like programming doesn't make one obligated to teach or respond to questions.

@Vipsu I believe that there are cases and cases. Fortunately not everything is like that, but from my experience, my generalization fits most cases.

My main point is that one can only help and teach someone who is open to learning, as opposed to doing stuff for someone who only wants to delegate the problem and never look back.

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