Re-testing the Employment Collection games on Linux via Steam+Proton today

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Just want to give a quick shout-out to @mangotronics, who is doing some great work filling a void in indie gaming.

Lots of super-fun but super-short indie games out there that are awesome but a tough sell on their own. These guys are working with the devs to create bundles!

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Holding down a regular gig isn’t easy, and '@mangotronics Employment Collection' offers nine such job experiences full of humor and handy ideas.

Happy Wednesday! The Steam launch is now scheduled for July 30th.

Version 1.0.7 is out now on! Job at Risk (formerly Employee Sim) has some substantial updates. Check it out! We'd love to hear your feedback.

Grab the Employment Collection on Steam, launching on July 30th, and stack cheese for maximum efficiency.

It has come to our attention that we will be trapped in some sort of alternate dimension where hyper indie games have their own showcase, and business does not reign supreme.
Join us...tomorrow at 12pm PST. The future of indie games is in your hands.
To celebrate Indiepocalypse #30 on Friday, I'll be hosting the 2nd annual Indiepocalypse Pledge Drive!

Join me at 9a-5p ET as I once again attempt to reach the lofty …

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Today is the day! 20+ locally made digital and tabletop games, live music, chain reaction art, outdoor games and more. 4-10pm at @ballardhomested, free admission or pay what you are able, all ages welcome.

Your favorite hyper-professional business-oriented indie publisher will be there! Let's talk! Meet us at the water cooler.
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Still time to register to show your games at the Puddle Jump Play Festival this weekend! We already have a great lineup of 23 locally made digital, tabletop and big outdoor for people to play throughout the day plus more fun surprises

Obligatory summer gamefest teaser announcement: We're working on updating and prepping the collection this weekend for a few new games. More about those games soon!

We're working on a collection of games about the harsh realities of job searching and employment, bundled up into a nice little themed launcher.
All profits get split evenly between the devs, to help support development of future indie game projects!

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From terrible jobs to firefly horror, it's an odd one for releases this week! There's a good blend in there though! Check out the week's most creative and different games:

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We got a new game alert! This Tuesday I'm going to try out a new game my good friend @LilMackaronii recommended, it's called Passage and it's made by @mangotronics and I can't wait to try it out. Plus more Cuphead, Baseball, Genshin and boss fights throughout the week!

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In Boxcorp Employee Training you are tasked with packing boxes as efficiently as possible into holes in the ground. You can either take your job seriously and be careful or just enjoy some good old fashioned video game physics.

Buy it here:

Same vibes. I hope we can release something like this in the near future!
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Super Rare Mixtape Vol. 3 is out 𝘳𝘪𝘨𝘩𝘵 𝘯𝘰𝘸! 🚨

📼 Limited to 2,000
💻 30 games + 6 demos + features
📼 USB tape casette - plug 'n' play the custom games launcher on your Windows PC
📼 Limited V2+3 bundles

Thanks for supporting this project! 📼

​6/6: My Dream Job by Bubbly Oasis is a narrative adventure game written in Adam Le Doux's Bitsy engine. It is a very personal story about one person's experience with their career inside the animation industry in the US and Canada. In the game, you explore Joanie Rich's journey through life, education, and multiple job applications.

5/6: Employee Simulator by Job at Risk is a first-person job simulator where you must take on a new job and find a place to live, making money and buying food to sustain yourself. However, not all is as simple as it may seem. What secrets will you uncover as you work your way through surviving the menial day-to-day?

4/6: Passage by Emcat Games- a visual novel with Persona/JoJo vibes where you prep for an interview with the help of your cat. Will you be able to survive the intense process? Also filled with helpful facts based on real-life interview tips!

2/6: Chaos Lab is a short original Game Boy block-pusher puzzle game by Robert Doman. Don your hazmat suit, learn the materials, and try to follow the vague orders of your employer. Resetting and trying again is part of the process! Just try not to spill the hazardous materials...

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