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Just Announced: Please join us in welcoming @OniricFactor to the Mangotronics Employment Collection!
Games #8 and #9: Crap Job and Crazy Factory are fast-paced retro games for the NES/Famicom and MSX.
Stay tuned for the app update!

We got approval from Valve on the Steam dev application! I prepped the store page. Working on integrating and testing the Steamworks API, so we'll finish that up this week and submit. I expect the collection to land on Steam by July 10th at the latest if all goes as planned.

The Mangotronics Employment Collection is 16% off for the remainder of this weekend to celebrate the Puddle Jump Festival and Seattle Indies. Thanks to everyone who came by and experienced The Mangotronics Difference(tm)!

The Adventures of Lance is a short adventure/maze DOS game created for a graphics programming class at University of Michigan - Dearborn in 1990 by Michael P Miller & Margaret J Ganzberger.

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Today is the day! 20+ locally made digital and tabletop games, live music, chain reaction art, outdoor games and more. 4-10pm at @ballardhomested, free admission or pay what you are able, all ages welcome.

P.S. I do strongly recommend using the standalone app, since we're planning on adding even more games and features to the collection in the near term, and this will help you get updates automatically

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As part of the Indiepocalypse Pledge Drive this year, I'm attempting to put on one of your Video Game Showcases, but on that highlights the grimiest, messiest, unfunded, unmarketable, yet downright unmissable games the medium has to offer.

I've hastily (and tentatively) title it The Sicko Showcase and submissions are open to any game really.

The Mangotronics Employment Collection™. Check your local Mangotronics® Business Supply stores, holiday 1998.

Your favorite hyper-professional business-oriented indie publisher will be there! Let's talk! Meet us at the water cooler.
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Still time to register to show your games at the Puddle Jump Play Festival this weekend! We already have a great lineup of 23 locally made digital, tabletop and big outdoor for people to play throughout the day plus more fun surprises

Golden Treasure: The Great Green is an interactive fiction game by Dreaming Door Studios in Detroit. Experience life as a baby dragon surviving in an ancient world.

Obligatory summer gamefest teaser announcement: We're working on updating and prepping the collection this weekend for a few new games. More about those games soon!

We're working on a collection of games about the harsh realities of job searching and employment, bundled up into a nice little themed launcher.
All profits get split evenly between the devs, to help support development of future indie game projects!

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From terrible jobs to firefly horror, it's an odd one for releases this week! There's a good blend in there though! Check out the week's most creative and different games:

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My game about my experiences job hunting in the Animation Industry has been included in a @mangotronics games bundle along with 5 other games all about Employment!

The profits are transparent and divided evenly between all contributors. <3 Please consider supporting us!

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We got a new game alert! This Tuesday I'm going to try out a new game my good friend @LilMackaronii recommended, it's called Passage and it's made by @mangotronics and I can't wait to try it out. Plus more Cuphead, Baseball, Genshin and boss fights throughout the week!

A big Thank You to all our supporters!
I'm currently working on update v1.0.3 for the Employment Collection. Testing on Linux, and then Mac OS (M1) is planned afterward. Mostly working on cleaning up some UI/UX bits and the rest of the bugs atm.

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