It's medley time again. I managed to finish recording it just in time this year. Merry Christmas everyone!

It's that time of the year again where I take two xmas carols and smash them together in an instrumental guitar rock song I record every year. This year it's "O Little Town of Bethlehem" and "We Three Kings".
Listen to and grab the MP3 download from my website:
Happy Holidays!

Nicely done documentary celebrating the 30th anniversary of one of my favorite video games of all time: The Secret of Monkey Island

EGSR 2020 going on this week. Some interesting talks. Everything up on YouTube. Program here:

I've released the latest version of my unity/builk build C++ tool and Visual Studio extension, which now supports 2017 and 2019:

Every year I record a little xmas medley for fun. This year I even got it done a bit eartlier than usual :)
Hope you enjoy and happy holidays!

Microsoft releases DirectX specs on Github: (link:

Path-traced Quake 2 using the NVIDIA Vulkan ray tracing extension:
It's using this paper for temporal filtering:

I managed to wrap up recording this year's Christmas Medley just in time before we're flying to Austria for three weeks tomorrow. I want to wish everybody happy holidays in advance!

Check out the medley here:

Featuring our 5-month old Kieran on vocals :P

Quite excellent interactive video series by @3blue1brown "Visualizing Quaternions"
Helps build up intuition of how unit quaternions describe rotations.

This looks phenomenal at first glance. Mocap directly from a single camera angle video:
SIGGRAPH Asia 2018 paper is here:

Water Surface Wavelets, an interesting new ocean water technique with reflecting boundaries and dynamic wave emission (for boat wakes, etc.):
The SIGGRAPH 2018 talk is the first roughly 30 mins of this video:

Disney released some cool data sets, a cloud data set and an island scene from the movie Moana:

Good paper that compares perceptually uniform color spaces (CIELAB, CIELUV, I C_t C_p, and others) and also introduces a new one J_z a_z b_z that seems to be great for wide gamut/HDR:

HackSpace - Interesting new maker/hacker magazine for anything related to Raspberry Pi, Arduino, etc.:

: Been working in video games ever since I graduated from university in 2003. I started out at a small tabletop & arcade games company called TAB Austria for a few years. Then moved to San Diego in 2006 to work at High Moon Studios (now part of Activision) on the Transformers and now Call Of Duty franchises. I'm mostly involved in rendering, low-level systems, and tools. But I've had my hands in almost all aspects of game dev at one point or another.

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