Dungeon Lad is a roguelike by Canton, MI developer Ghost Goats Games. Explore a randomly generated dungeon as you juggle your health, gold, and remaining time. Complete floors and defeat enemies in order to unlock more powerful upgrades for subsequent runs


HEY, it's time for another #PixelArt drop :) As always - i'm releasing this under the CC0 license, and it's completely free (desktop wallpapers included), so check 'em out! ENJOY!

New Artwork: Pixel Art Drop #003 patreon.com/posts/new-artwork-

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Did you know that the FSF has a PeerTube account? #PeerTube is a decentralized, federated video platform powered by ActivityPub and WebTorrent, and you'll find us on the Framatube instance: u.fsf.org/36m

Anybody know how to pull out the documentation for an project plugin and make a webpage for it (similar to doxygen)? Clearly the capabilities are there as UBT leverages it for metadata in the generated files. I can dig, but didn't want to repeat work.

Feel like there may be someone qualified here. My googling has failed me. In use a NAS for my remote origin for my projects. A problem has occurred where I al using Submodules referencing those drive paths. I have both a Mac and Windows and clearly those drive paths dont work across either. Is there a platform agnostic way to reference those network paths in my submodules?

@JeffM you might want to check out github.com/sinbad/StevesUEExam - my UE Helpers lib has quite a few helpers for controller support & menus

Professional Composer for Hire
Writing music for over 20+ years.

Orchestral fantasy adventure, retro 8bit, 16bit chiptunes, SNES/GBA, modern trailer music and more...

My Rates:
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Starts the game and waits until a debugger is attached before continuing. Really useful for setting breakpoints and debugging load issues that happen on launch.

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Highly recommend these Silent Wings 3 fans BTW. I replaced all the stock NZXT fans Marie’s had in her case for years with these (and a 140mm on top) and they’re stupidly quiet (even without the optional anti-vibration mounts), and cheaper than Noctua versions

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Pyro Fighters is a scrolling space shooter with platforming physics by @ondydev. Use your flame gun to propel yourself in the air and fight through an alien army with up to four players.

HEY PEEPS, if you need (or know someone who does) some awesome music for your game or video/film, drop me a DM :) i have a few spots open right now (but i'm open to bigger projects too).

Check out some of my work: soundcloud.com/lashman/sets/de


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Ski-er 64 is ski simulator for the Commodore64 developed by Grand Rapids company Abacus Software in 1983. The object of the game is to navigate your skier down a slope to the finish line.


A lot of core gameplay added in today! Line of sight for enemies, picking up eggs, switch/door toggles, "death" state, "win" state, and rewinding turns when you "die". Still very rough looking and temporary graphics and such, but it's coming along! :3

Last night i was able to finish off configuarable comparison operations to query goal completion for plugin “Reasonable Planning AI” (working name). I have all the components to build up from the framework for C++ and/or Blueprint programmers. Before release however i want to get something that is 90% designed via the editor. Then i will release. Roadmap is then UE5 compatibility and then a companion Editor plugin.

Pickle Wars is an MS-DOS platform game created in 1993 by Karen Crowther and published by Grand Rapids publisher MVP Software. The game was made freeware by MVP Software when they ended sale of the game


And excuse all the fat fingering as I do this via phone grr and all the nonsense auto complete and correct.

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At what point should I stop trying to make configuration for my AI reasoner, planner, and task executor for ? I have the tasking configuarBle to the wazu, and a abstraction over Blackboard for state data, and plans to add mutator configuration to apply to state after an action succeeds or a goal is planned. Or should I just leave that as an excercise for the scripted or programmer? Should I just push to git and see what people ask for?

A Story Beside is a new narrative-driven fantasy adventure game experienced by Lansing game developer Wayward Prophet. Step into the shoes of Lyric as she reflects upon a lifetime of poignant memories, heartwarming friendships, and bittersweet choices


Dogs of Wall Street is fast-paced party game by TeamSmoothBear where you play a group of dogs playing the market to be top dog!


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